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We help SMEs accelerate growth in the American market.  We are focused on giving you the tools to Get Clarity, Get Traction and Get Momentum in your business.

Our Results

Our clients have been based in countries across the globe and industries. We specialize in helping companies leverage their existing resources and focus on execution to achieve maximum results.

324% Growth in One Year

Revenue Increase / Instrumentation

We reorganized the sales channel for a laboratory instrumentation provider to increase revenue by 324% in one year and reduce costs by 45%.

545% Increase in Leads

Lead Generation / SaaS

We redesigned the lead generation program for a Swiss SaaS start-up, resulting in 545% more leads,  and a CPL reduction of 76%.

$1.6M USD in New Growth

Go-to-Market Strategy / Industrial

We designed the GTM and training strategy for a US-based industrial instrumentation manufacturer to enter a new market. Led to $1.6M USD in new growth, and a 267% increase in product revenue.

360% Growth in Services

Sales Optimization / Business Services

We optimized the sales process for a business services team to drive 360% growth in services, which in-turn allowed upselling that led to a 16% growth in product business.

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Our Programs

Specifially designed to help SMEs along the journey, there are 3 core programs and supplemental services to support our clients.  All action is designed to be grounded in practicality, efficient in their execution, and targeted towards giving you the best returns.


Business Audit


Understanding all of your resources, so you can use your resourcefulness; have clear line of sight on your ultimate vision; and know your next step. 

  • Clarify Vision
  • Identify New Opportunities
  • Create Strategic Plan


Growth Proposal


Achieving profitable growth and belief by tackling your big issues, help you discover your edge, engage your tribe, and present a new opportunity that attracts prospects and clients.

  • Done-With-You Service
  • Reduce Customer Acquistion
  • Track and Report for Optimization  


Strategic Action Plan


Review what works in your organization and systematically optimizing every sales process,  maximizing every resource, and maximize returns.

  • Drive Sales Conversions
  • Scale Quality Leads
  • Improve Client Spend and Engagement


Review and Optimisation

Supplemental Services

We also provide done-for-you lead generation services to accelerate growth.  We provide business analytics reporting and review for process optimization. 

  • Customized Lead Accelerators
  • Sales Conversion Training
  • Data Analysis to Drive Efficiency

Our process uses a grounded, efficient and targeted approach to 3x your business. 
Our 3 programs represent process clients go through when scaling revenue. 

Get Started. Get Traction. Get Momentum


Link lives just outside of Geneva, Switzerland and is an international business leader, entrepreneur, investor, and mentor. He is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, where he studied chemical engineering. Link has experience in six continents and 80+ countries, and is fluent in English and French, and conversant in Spanish.

Along my business journey he discovered that, intertwined into everything he loves, were 3 of his passions. First, was his passion for helping the “underdog”, the SME, exceed expectations. The second was creating intercultural connections. And lastly, seeing people maximize their potential.

Throughout his global experiences, he has recognized that core success principles apply regardless of culture, and how strategies vary in different cultures and industries. But also, he’s experienced how cultural differences can become a roadblock in new market success. 

Link has built a notable reputation in scaling businesses by using innovative methods in commercial optimization. Having achieved success in many industries, he expanded from his home country of the United States to Europe, where he now helps companies drive growth in the American market. 

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