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Our Results

Customers span across the globe and industries. We specialize in helping companies leverage their existing resources and focus on execution to achieve maximum results.

324% Growth in One Year

Revenue Increase / Instrumentation

We reorganized the sales channel for a laboratory instrumentation provider to increase revenue by 324% in one year and reduce costs by 45%.

149% Increase in Leads

Lead Generation / SaaS

We redesigned the lead generation program for a Swiss SaaS start-up, resulting in 149% more leads, 29% more connections, and a CPL reduction of 76%.

$1.6M USD in New Growth

Go-to-Market Strategy / Industrial

We designed the GTM and training strategy for a US-based industrial instrumentation manufacturer to enter a new market. Led to $1.6M USD in new growth, and a 267% increase in product revenue.

360% Growth in Services

Sales Optimization / Business Services

We optimized the sales process for a business services team to drive 360% growth in services, which in-turn allowed upselling that led to a 16% growth in product business.

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Our Process

Assess. Plan. Implement. Track.


Business Audit

Business Audit

We conduct a free business audit with you to understand our vision, identify the gaps, and where we can create efficiencies for rapid growth.


Growth Proposal

Growth Proposal

Based on our audit and if there is a good fit, ClientSphere will provide a proposal of how we can work with you to achieve your objectives. We provide a results guarantee in every proposal!


Strategic Action Plan

Strategic Plan and Implementation

Upon agreement, you’ll get a detailed strategic action plan with implementation steps, timelines and KPIs to track progress of your business growth.


Review and Optimisation

Review and Optimization

We will work with you to review and optimize the implementation over an agreed-to timeframe to achieve and surpass your objectives and expectations.

Scale Your Business By Maximizing What You Already Have


Link lives just outside of Geneva, Switzerland and is an international business leader, entrepreneur, investor, and mentor. He is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, where he studied chemical engineering. Link has experience in six continents and 80+ countries, and conversant in 3 languages.

Along his journey towards fulfilling his purpose, Link has realized that intertwined into everything was his passion for helping people. He is most fulfilled when helping and motivating others to get past their perceived limits and achieve their highest potential. We all have potential, though most people don’t maximize it.

Link’s exploration of his own potential has led to his success as an executive who has led organizations and achieved massive growth. Ultimately, this has enabled him to use ClientSphere to help other leaders and organizations achieve their greatest ambitions.

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