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foundation and replication

Understanding Where You Truly are is the Basis for Growth 

The first step in our EXPONENTIAL Journey process is understanding the FOUNDATION of your business.  We’re not just talking about a SWOT analysis.  We’re talking about truly putting a new perspective on what you’ve already accompished, challenges you’ve already faced and the opportunities that present themselves to take what you have use it to propel you forward.   

In the REPLICATION Phase, step 2, of the process, we will create our optimization strategy to maximize your current organization and create growth more efficiently than ever before. We work with your commercial leadership team to create and develop a crystal clear strategy  that creates results, and most importantly, momentum! Momentum is the key to drive towards accelerated growth.

Charge Forward

Momentum Leads to Acceptance of Change

The EXPONENTIAL Journey Process is powerful because it’s clear and easy to follow. Once you have your foundation clearly understood, and momentum is created through replication and optimization of your business, step 3 is ACCELERATION. Momentum allows you to create more change within your organization. The faster you can create change in a focused direction, the faster we can get to our ultimate goals.  Our ACCELERATION Phase allows you to: 

  • Drive Brand Focus
  • Revamp Resources Allocation
  • Optimize Channel Strategy
  • Implement New Processes
  • Create Control & Review

There is magic in the Acceleration of your business.


who’s an ideal client?

YOU’re an industrial company who has global growth ambitions, but:

  • concerned with only moderate and unpredictable growth 


  • struggle with ensuring business strength in core markets 


  • want to avoid the mistakes of other companies

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What We’ve Done for Others, We Can Do for You

Every company has a unique challenge.  The EXPONENTIAL Journey Process is designed to meet the challeges through our 4 step process: FOUNDATION, REPLICATION, ACCELERATION, & MIRACLES.  Every challenge, if met with the right principles can be met head on and conquered.  Our team has helped industrial companies, in various sectors, on nearly every continent grow their business.  The principles and laser focus on results make all the difference.  We’ve worked with business development initiatives in:

  • Capital Equipment
  • Consumables
  • Services and Testing
  • Lead Generation

The most important piece ClientSphere brings after all the strategy, is the proper controls and review system to keep the momentum going and adjust quickly to changing global environment.


OPTIMIZATION and brand focus

Get much more from what you already have. ClientSphere has helped clients reorganize their sales organizations to have the right people focused on the right products, using the right processes.  In one case, we helped increase sales 233% in one year while cutting expenses by 34%.  That’s optimization.  It’s just about seeing the world from a different perspective.  


Knowing where to invest can be difficult, choosing the right channel, and integrating partners or employees into your brand  can be difficult, particularly a variety of cultural, financial and political challenges.  We have helped clients expand in target markets, setting up direct and distribution channels partners and organizations have on every inhabitable continent with results as high  163% increase in year over year growth.  


Pipeline development is the key to growth.  You need to find the right opportunities, and  have the right focus to drive them home.  ClientSphere has helped clients increase qualified leads by over 200%, and brand recognition by up to 73% in align with clients’ unique strategy, by accompanying them with custom program development to drive new global opportunities. With brand focus, messages and systems for direct and indirect team members, we help to ensure continual growth year after year.


Results Based Leadership

Link Brown

Link Brown

Managing Partner

“Create your Reality by Changing Your Perception”

I believe that everyone has exponential potential. We have a foundation of skills, gifts and talents. We all possess a capacity to replicate and expand upon our past successes. All of us have an ability and responsibility to change, continuously.
James Allen, said “The oak sleeps in the acorn”.
“The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled” – Les Brown
I am a global strategist, growth accelerator, mentor, and podcast host. My mission is to create, facilitate, and celebrate change that leads to exponential growth. Whether I’m working in business or with individuals, the EXPONENTIAL Journey pillars are key. There is Foundation,Replication, Acceleration, and Miracles.

My ability to see the link between my successes and challenges, gives me a base foundation and unique perspective for how to solve tough problems, drive results, and impact lives.

SPECIALITIES: Global Commercial Strategies, Leadership and Organizational Development, and Process Optimization
REACH: Global – experience in over 40 countries.
PRODUCTS: Capital Equipment, Commodities, Services, & SaaS
BUSINESS PROFILES: Start-Ups to Fortune 1000
CHANNELS: Online, Direct, Distribution, Catalog, Lead Generation Programs, Outsourced Sales

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