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Our philosophy is actually quite simple. We want efficient and effective growth that your team can understand and execute.  In order to create exponential growth, we follow the 4 key pillars The EXPONENTIAL Journey process.  You need understanding your FOUNDATION, REPLICATION of success to create momentum, ACCELERATION of change to maximize growth, and taking advantages of the MIRACLES or opportunities that occur along the journey.  

We want optimized, results and growth using the right resources for global expansion. We don’t do academic exercises.  We don’t want billable hours.  We hyper focus on helping our customers  align their commercial actions with their unique global strategy and objectives.


We typically work with commercial executives and help them Focus their Sales Energies, Establish Brand Values, Optimize Sales Channels, and Implement Process Improvements.


As a part of the FOUNDATION Phase of the process, we will begin to create strategic alignment among your leadership team.  Our process will end with you and your team being crystal clear on where you want to go to create momentum and the path to get there.  You will know exactly what you want to do, and most importantly, what you are not going to do.


The Optimization process really never stops.  But a key pillar or the REPLICATION Phase involves optimization of your business to maximize results and create momentum.  One of our core beliefs is to get the most out of what your already have.  We don’t believe in wasting any resources.  We help you get the right resources in the right places, to truly enter the ACCELERATION Phase of growth and maximize the results you’re looking for.


As we accelerate, proper implication, measurement, control, and adjustments is vitally important as we create a new foundation for continued growth.  Along the way, new opportunities present themselves and we take you through the MIRACLES Phase and a process for accessing opportunities and decision making.  ClientSphere can accompany  to stay ahead of changing market conditions.

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Whether it’s optimizing organizational effectiveness, focusing resources on key brand values, or driving new opportunities in targeted markets, ClientSphere delivers for its clients.  Every client has a unique challenge.  Every challenge, if met with the right principles can be met head on and conquered.


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Managing Partner

LInk Brown

LInk Brown

Managing Partner

Expertise in Global Commercial Strategies, Leadership and Organizational Development, and Process Optimization

I believe that everyone has exponential potential.  We have a foundation of skills, gifts and talents.  We all possess a capacity to replicate and expand upon our past successes. All of us have an ability and responsibility to change, continuously.  

James Allen, said “The oak sleeps in the acorn”. 

 “The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled”  Les Brown 

 I am a global strategist,  growth accelerator,  mentor, and podcast host.  My mission is to create, facilitate, and celebrate change that leads to exponential growth.  Whether I’m working in a business or individuals, the EXPONENTIAL Journey  pillars are key. There is Foundation,Replication, Acceleration, and Miracles. 

 My ability to see the link between my successes and challenges, gives me a base foundation and unique perspective for how to solve tough problems, drive results, and impact lives. 

SPECIALITIES:  Global Commercial Strategies, Leadership and Organizational Development, and Process Optimization
REACH: Global – experience in over 40 countries.  
PRODUCTS:  Capital Equipment, Commodities, Services, & SaaS
BUSINESS PROFILES: Start-Ups to Fortune 1000
CHANNELS:   Online, Direct, Distribution, Catalog, Lead Generation Programs, Outsourced Sales

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